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General Policies

  • All orders are processed promptly after payment is received. Products are usually shipped the same day the order is placed, if and only if payment is received before 2p.m. (CST).  Shipping charges vary depending on the delivery location, and are the responsibility of the Buyer. Oversized products may incur additional shipping charges. Expedite shipping is available upon request
  • Payment Methods:

            i) Direct/Cash Deposit: Direct payment of full amount due into an authorized CCT bank account results in an additional discount off purchase total.

           ii) PayPal Request: To ensure the security of both parties, a payment request e-mail is sent to the Buyer to be paid at his/her discretion. Order will be processed only when payment is verified.

          iii) Credit/Debit Card (not preferred): Buyer authorizes CCT to charge a given card for payment either via consent form or text confirmation through one of the authorized Buyer phone numbers. CCT would never charge Buyer without authorized consent.

  • Under no circumstances will payment terms be permitted. All payments must be made up front before an order is processed.
  • Disclaimer: All sales transactions are final. Cool City Trading, LLC does not accept responsibility for any defective products and/or damages/losses sustained by products during transportation by third party couriers.
  • If a package is damaged and/or missing upon delivery, it is the Buyer's responsibility to immediately take pictures of the damages, make note of the damages, and immediately relay this information to CCT. CCT will then file a claim on the Buyer's behalf. Any compensation will only be given to Buyer after the claim case has fully concluded, if and only if CCT wins the claim and compensation is received from the third party courier. Total compensation amount will not exceed $100.00 unless the Buyer's package was insured.
  • All third party couriers affiliated with CCT offer the option to insure packages being delivered at an additional cost. If the Buyer opts to have a shipment insured, it is the Buyer's responsibility to let our representative know prior to shipping. Additional costs will be added accordingly. CCT will assume no fault for failure to address the option of insured shipping. 
  • Purely as an optional service: CCT reserves the rights to assist, compensate, and/or reimburse customers as deemed fit, varying case by case.
  • CCT requires Buyer to have its own retail liability insurance. Buyer agrees to obtain and keep in force a commercial liability insurance, including but not limited to covering bodily injury and personal injury, when they purchase from CCT.  Buyer without a valid commercial liability insurance agrees for this Agreement to be considered as a “Hold Harmless Agreement” to hold Cool City Trading,LLC (CCT), its officers, and employees harmless from all/any liability.